Information on Institute

The Institute of Political Science at the University of Prešov (IPOL) is the second oldest academic institute integrated in the branch of political science in Slovakia. The Institute has a long experience in dealing with domestic and international grant projects such as (the National Research and Development Programme, grant projects VEGA, KEGA, TEMPUS and the Visegrad Fund). The Institute of Political Science regularly organizes international scientific conferences (Political Science days in Prešov, Between the modern and the postmodern), the conclusions of which are published in conference proceedings (14 publications issued to date). IPOL has 12 staff members (including 1 professor, 4 associate professors and 7 PhD. lecturers) and 7 full-time PhD students.

IPOL provides accredited non-pedagogic study programmes within the framework of a three-degree study (Political Science studies in the 1st and the 2nd degree, Theory of Politics in the 3rd degree) and accredited two-degree pedagogic study programmes (Education Towards Citizenship as part of a double Majors study). Staff members of the Institute have a multidisciplinary background in political science, sociology, history, geography, law, economics, religion and philosophy. In their respective research activities, they focus on exploring cross-border cooperation, regional development, political and electoral systems, EU policy frameworks (European Neighbourhood Policy and Eastern Partnership), globalization and global civilization problems, tolerance and intolerance, the formation of an individual and socialization techniques and  influence factors in terms of the latest megatrends, philosophical and theoretical aspects of education towards humanity, citizenship and constitutionalism, and ethical dimensions of citizenship and multiculturalism-related issues.

The institute’s renowned and prominent staff maintains contact with domestic and foreign academic and governmental institutions and NGOs such as (Slovak Academy of Sciences, Comenius University, Slovak Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Slovak Foreign Policy Association, Czech Academy of Sciences, University of Ostrava, and University of West Bohemia).

The Institute of Political Science is equipped with essential computing technology and also has a library of its own containing over 1500 monographs, anthologies and journals on the subject of political science, international politics, history, philosophy, sociology, economics, law, geography and globalization studies.